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Inspired to continue the success of Scott Woodburn's "It's a Boy", Samuel Dunning set out to write a larger-scale, similarly comedic and horrific follow-up short film. 

"Rick and Ruby" was the result- an upending of the vampire genre and its familiar tropes through the lens of an "odd couple" comedy set in America's seedy underbelly and dark corners.

After raising $26,000 via two Kickstarter campaigns in 2018, "Rick and Ruby" became a reality, completing principal photography in May and post-production in October. 

"Rick and Ruby" premiered in late 2019, taking home awards at multiple festivals and crossing continents with selections at Sitges Film Festival in Spain, Screamfest in LA, NYC Horror Film Festival in New York, and many more. It continued its festival tour in 2020 at Vidi Space Film Festival in Reston, VA, Landshut Short Film Festival in Germany, and Dead by Dawn Film Festival in Scotland. 

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